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Word has it that, as for Monogram Vernis, the house is about to release three more new colors which will be also presented in Monogram Empreinte. One is

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the Terre d'Ombre, an earthy brown color which would perfectly compliment the Monogram and Damier canvas. Then is the Bleu Infinite, a very deep blue color full of maturity and mystique. Lastly comes the Blanc Corail, a very pale rose color looks quite elegant, feminine and pure. When growing up, you should pay attention to the beauty and glamour of dynamic fashion statements. So Anton is fashioned Taiga leather, featuring exceptional Louis Vuitton engraved press locks and a foamed computer compartment. Taiga leather is discreetly stamped with the Louis Vuitton initials,

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textile lining and leather trimmings. The silvery brass color is another feature of this bag that boasts the new fashion color. In addition to that, this bag is very versatile and practical for fashion conscious people. Inside the bag is one pocket for A4 documents with one zipped compartment. The comfortable hand or cross-shoulder is available with an adjustable and removable textile shoulder strap. Truly the Louis Vuitton Collection in 2011 FW was great. The company has new collections to make the summer season be wild and fantastic. The Louis Vuitton Collection in 2011 FW mainly centered on dress and handbags. Other accessories were not seen much but scarves were there. Mostly the handbags were the main items that were on the spotlight because of their exquisite fine designs. All the handbags are made of fine leather and straps are also made with durable leather handles. The bags are comfortable to hang

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around with. Louis Vuitton dresses were also quite excellent to see as they had some really cool looking designs. Overall the collection of Louis Vuitton for this year is a blast. There are many trendy

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. These bags have different looks with different wearing. For example, they look classic with formal wearing. When a person wears fashionable clothes with them, they look trendy at this time. A person can have different feelings by carrying the same

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. If mature women want to look stylish and trendy, they can carry a bag which looks creative and active of this brand. Of course they have to wear active and fashionable clothes and shoes. In daily life, the

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have a great relationship with women. They never leave home with not carrying a bag because they often need to put some essentials inside the bag with them. All women think that handbags are important accessory. So compared with the ordinary bags, the designer handbags from the famous and luxurious brands are most of the unique handbags. To create each designer bag needs great endeavor and dedication of manufacturers who must make sure that their products are perfect in quality and style. Nowadays, there are various kinds of designer handbags in different colors, sizes and styles appearing in the market. The handbags of Louis Vuitton are the most symbolic ones among the wide choices. In the addition of holding essentials as the basic function, they can exude her personal character and taste for fashion.